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Treatment is based on your specific conditions and tailored to provide you with the best outcome. We respect your time by running our practice in a timely manner.


Neck, Back, Shoulder, Hip and Knee Pain

Headache  |  Lack of Mobility  |  Sports Injuries

I have been treated for serious back issues, as well as regular visits to stay pain free for over 18 years. My family are patients too: from my newborn, to my teen suffering from TMJ, to our adult/ aging issues. I have complete trust in Dr. Macumber and would recommend his care to anyone in need."  

- Janet R, Natick, MA

I have known Dr. Macumber for two decades and he has been one of the most consistent, high quality chiropractors that I have met anywhere. His knowledge of physiology and his treatment ethics ensure that any person who seeks care will receive excellent care when he can deliver it and be referred appropriately when he can’t. My opinion is based on experiences with a number of health challenges with my low back, foot, hip, and mid-back.  

- Roger E, Westborough, MA